CAFE – Community Arts for Education

A project of the Tufts / SMFA Art Education Masters in Teaching program

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Second Event with Sociedad Latina!

We had a wonderful time connecting with Sociedad Latina for a second time! The students and staff who attended were very engaged in the art-making, and enjoyed meeting Jason, an MFA candidate at the SMFA, and learning about his artwork that addresses social and political issues. Thanks, Jason!


The students want to come back for more art-making, and we’ll keep you posted if we are able to coordinate another event before the end of the school year.


reversablecoozie cardinal_flower_cups




The CAFE gals.


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Getting Crafty with Sociedad Latina!

We recently met up with a few students from Sociedad Latina to make coffee cozies out of felt. The students had a great time learning how to sew, and also learning a lot about what it means to be a student at the School for the Museum of Fine Arts. The students toured the Masters of Fine Arts private studios, and learned about the wide range of media that artists use. They made connections between fine art and graphic images that they see in their daily lives.


After the tour, the students got to work crafting their own cozies with felt, and some were inspired by what they saw in the studios!


We are looking forward to our second meeting with these students so that they can complete their cozies!

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CAFE partners with Sociedad Latina


We are pleased to announce that CAFE will be partnering with Sociedad Latina, a community based advocacy organization for Latino youth and families. As part of their bi-monthly field trips, students in the Mission Enrichment program will tour the School for the Museum of Fine Arts Mission Hill studios. Members of CAFE will teach the students to make hand-made coffee cozies using felt and hand-sewing techniques. CAFE will help facilitate the sale of these cozies in a local coffee shop in order to raise funds for future arts-based projects.

smallselfportraitErica Frisk, a member of the Tufts/SMFA Art Ed MAT cohort, and a member of CAFE, has facilitated this relationship between Sociedad Latina and CAFE. Erica was the Art Club teacher for the Misson Enrichment After School program during the 2011-2012 school year.  During that time, she and her students completed a mixed media mural of the Boston city skyline, created claymation videos and did many other projects that explored themes of individual experience and community.

Thanks, Erica!

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Happy New Year!

CAFE was born from a desire to connect with local youth through Community Based Art Education. An avid crocheter, CAFE President, Marie, brought a reusable coffee cozy that she had made to Green Tea Coffee Shop in Mission Hill. Intrigued by her design, Green Tea’s manager asked Marie if she wanted to sell her work in the shop.  As an educator, Marie thought this would be an excellent opportunity to connect with our local community through sales of a handmade product.

After meeting with classmates Irene, Erin, Elizabeth and Maya, the group formed CAFE and learned to crochet and knit cozies. 100% of the profits from the sales of the cozies will fund a local community art project in an after school program in Mission Hill. We are delighted that the people who live and work in the Mission Hill area excited to support CAFE in it’s first project!
We are wishing you all a very happy, productive, and art-filled 2013!

Irene, Erin, Elizabeth, Maya & Marie


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Cozies at Green T Coffee Shop!

The first batch of cozies is at Green T Coffee Shop on Huntington Ave, in Boston, MA! Green T is right at the Brigham Circle T stop on the Green Line (E). Be sure to stop in and get yours. We will be replenishing the supply as quickly as we can make them!